About Me

Since I can remember, I have been creating. Whether this is through paint, photography, music, sculpture; my ‘thing’ has been to create.


As a young child I would love to paint. I would use my creativity to express my feelings. Fast forward to GCSEs & A-Levels. I was taught to create art in a prescriptive way regardless of whether I liked the outcome or not. I was taught how to get the best grades. I began to hate the only passion I had.


However with my dwindling passion, I got myself into an Arts University. On paper, this was fantastic. It was everything I had worked so hard for. In my mind, this was what being an ‘artist’ meant, to create art and to fall in love with the process of making art again.


I stayed for one year in University..


Not only did I lose my Father the day my course started, but the course itself was a wakeup call for me to realise that I am more than a piece of paper. My talent is more than a degree. My art is art.. and I wasn’t going to allow myself to continue being sucked into an ‘academic’ way of viewing what ‘art’ is.


because what the F**K is art?


I think you’ve got the gist of me now!


So let’s go to the present day. I have been travelling the world solo since 2019  and I’m currently on my 31st country. During this time I have produced art in countries around the world. I am a copywriter for artists in the UK and abroad and I'm planning my first exhibition.


I’ve come a long way since the sheltered artist I used to be and I hope you will enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.






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